Test Server Plugin

This plugin has indeed no functional purpose but it can be used as a template if you need to develop your own GLPI Agent HTTP server plugin.

This plugin when enabled only log the request and just answer to it with a HTTP 200 return code if its URL matched the ^/test/([\w\d/-]+)?$ regular expression.

See the code for more details.


By default, this plugin is disabled. The first step is to enable it creating a dedicated configuration:

  1. Locate the server-test-plugin.cfg file under the GLPI agent configuration folder [1],

  2. Make a copy of this file in the same folder by just changing the file extension from .cfg to .local.

  3. Edit the server-test-plugin.local and set disabled to no


The default configuration is:

# By default, a plugin is always disabled unless "disabled" is set to "no" or "0".
# You can uncomment the following line or set it in included configuration file
# at the end of this configuration
#disabled = no

#configtest = test

#port = 62355

# You should create and define you specific parameter in the following
# included configuration file to override any default.
# For example just set "disabled = no" in it to enable the plugin
include "server-test-plugin.local"

Can be set to "no" to enable the plugin. (By default: yes)


Can be set to a port on which the agent will listen too. (By default: 0, meaning use agent port)

You can dedicate a port and even enable the SSL Server Plugin setting this port in its ports list to force using SSL with this Test plugin.


Just a value that would be logged with the request log line.